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“Anyone can do that!” you think to yourself, while standing in front of an Elsworth Kelly painting (valued at $2.6 million). Meanwhile, a peculiar euphoria slowly spreads over your entire being as you turn towards the Donald Judd sculpture ($24.5 million).

“Anyone can do that!” you repeat to yourself, while fighting the urge to touch the glistening metal object protruding from the white wall. A statuesque security guard eagle-eyes from a dark corner of the museum’s hallway. He monitors this frequent mutation among patrons throughout the day: twitching fingers, quick steps back and forth, nervous head scratching.

“I don’t know what’s so great about that one,” crosses your mind as you turn from the Sol Lewitt piece ($520,000). Then, while standing in front of the Bob Rauschenberg collage ($380,000), the most peaceful feeling you have ever known begins to flow through your bloodstream. You become overwhelmed with an invisible energy which seems to be oozing from the masterpieces. A white light shoots from the top of your head all the way down through your feet and into the earth’s core deep below.

“Man!” you think to yourself, while stepping between the Warhol and Duchamp sculptures, “When will I become a famous artist? And why do I feel so intoxicated?”

We here at Artlurker are familiar with this type of emotional experience. Therefore, we will now explain how you CAN become the NEXT BIG THING! Also, we have found ourselves buzzing giddily with a natural high while admiring our favorite pieces of distinguished artwork. Our investigative research into this mode of stimulus has brought to light an unworldly frequency, which we will now refer to as:


Formless Substance is perhaps the most compelling creative agency which humans can soak into their beings. This mysterious phenomenon radiates from signifigant pieces of art work. It is this same creative force which God continually composes our universe with, and it is the same stuff which fills our minds with fantastic ideas. It is Thinking Stuff, and you can experience this supernatural sensation at a high level while delighting in the world of art!

Dare we say, that God is thus a Conceptual Artist whose Supreme Ambition took the form of circling planetary systems, suns, and worlds. By coming into complete harmony with this Formless Substance, we can create what we want to create, have what we want to have, and become what we want to become. Yay!

The paragraphs above correspond to a number of mental techniques which were recently attained through an educational community known as, STLC (Secrets to Life Coaching). STLC discloses a myriad of enlightening (and sometimes clairvoyant) mental exercises, which encourage students to take MASSIVE ACTION, in order to design and achieve purposeful goals in life.

As we will demonstrate, their program totally works. Over the course of a 90 day STLC class, unbelievable things happened: I sold a few boxes of my art work for thousands of dollars (Financial Goal), I became a better husband and father (Relationship Goal), I had a solo exhibition at a gallery in Miami (Spiritual Goal), I was able to bench press my body weight at the gym (Health Goal).

Also: filmmaker David Lynch personally sent me 15 pounds of his signature brand of coffee for the opening reception, I quit my day job, I performed my very experimental music with choreographed dancers and also with the greatest rock band of all time (the Melvins))!


Jason Handelsman with The Melvins’ Buzz Osbourne

We were honored to speak with CEO and founder of Secrets to Life Coaching, Coral Grant, on a recent Friday afternoon. We asked her about the origin of these intense mental techniques and breathing exercises which her company inculcates. Who invented them? Where did they come from?

“First of all,” she says, “the Universe or God invented all of these techniques and then literally downloaded them through different teachers at different points in time.”

She continues, “We (Secrets to Life Coaching) have specific techniques to use your mind as a tool to manifest and create real things in your reality. So, if you want to break down the techniques that you are learning: it starts with using your entire mind. The ‘Subconscious Release Technique’ (SRT) clears out the blocks that people have in their subconscious, which prevents them from getting what they want. It is literally releasing those subconscious blocks and reprogramming yourself. Then you can create whatever you want in your life based on the awareness, understanding, and mastery of using your mind to create what you want.”

During these SRT’s, which she refers to above, deep breaths are held in while diving deep into the subconscious area of the mind. With each exhalation, a ton of mental trash is liberated from the internal abyss. Muscles in the body are tested for reactions, and this is all done under the supervision of a certified Life Coach. At times, it felt as if we had taken a cosmic bong hit from a distant universe. In fact, a number of women in the class described this particular exercise as “orgasmic.”

Coral responds, “There is you, your spiritual side or soul, which is connected to the Source of All Things, whatever you want to call that. And then your mind which is separate, and then the third part is your body. So now, when it comes to manifesting–creating things in the physical world–you have to be using your mind. There are some people who are very spiritual and they’re in a state of happiness and bliss, like the enlightened gurus who don’t want or need anything, they don’t want a lot of things, because they’re over there in that state… which is amazing! But you don’t actually create and manifest from that state.”

Part 2: HANDELSMAN: The Musical

We asked about the STLC technique referred to as “Quantum Leveraging,” which was used to galvanize this blogger into manifesting a solo art exhibit (see video above) and selling some of his art work for thousands of dollars (It really worked! I had never sold any of my art for more than 20 bucks. But here was a HUGE amount of money, which was manifested through these phenomenal mental techniques!).

Coral says, “With Quantum Leveraging (also known as ‘Future Pacing’), you are literally convincing your subconscious mind that you have already created this thing that you want. Once you have it on a subconscious level, your subconscious mind will actually create it and make it happen for you. If you don’t get something on a subconscious level, then you can go out and do action steps all day long, but it’s not going to create anything. If you are not lined up mentally or you are not in the right vibration to close the sale, you are completely wasting your time. The thought in the mind and the feeling part of it, is actually the part that creates your reality in the real world. Now, the physical side is different, that is the action part. It is completely different because they’re all separated: you, the mind, and your physical body are separate. Does that make sense?”

Not only does it make sense, but it totally works (see video above).

“Basically, what we are teaching you in the majority of the classes is to actually use your mind to create the reality that you want,” adds Coral.

She continues, “We teach people how to reach their goals, and once you get results in your own life, you may want to teach others how to do the same. We don’t teach everybody how to be a Life Coach…but we do teach our life coaches how to get results. And we teach everybody how to live their purpose and create real results in their real life.”

I tell her that some of the results were practically instantaneous (i.e., I now execute ideas all day long).

“This is a very high level of awareness,” she responds, “It is all based on the fact that we are in complete control of our mind and emotions. You can use your mind to create whatever reality you want to create. You just have to figure out what kind of life you want to live. We have this time here while on Earth, what do we actually want our lives to look like? And it’s so fun, because you can create whatever life that you want, right?”

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This post was contributed by Artlurker’s Guest Blogger/Spiritual Advisor Jason Handelsman.

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