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Miami Writer’s Prize 2014




EVENT: Miami Writer’s Prize 2014, via ARTLURKER

DEADLINE: November 15, 2014 The Miami Writer’s Prize 2014 is now open for submissions. ARTLURKER, a Miami-based online arts publication, is proud to host the fourth edition of the Miami Writer’s Prize, an annual event aimed at encouraging residents of Miami to engage and write about contemporary culture. Eligible entrants may submit one original text centered on a recent cultural event.

The winner, in addition to having their entry published, will be appointed as Guest Blogger on, and awarded an honorary stipend of $50 per post, for a series of articles.

ARTLURKER, established in 2008, was named by WLRN as one of the “9 South Florida Arts and Culture Blogs You Need To Read Right Now,” and is perhaps the longest running Miami-based independent arts and culture blog dedicated to long form criticism and culture writing.

This year’s Miami Writer’s Prize is funded by reader donations and artist Carlos Betancourt. Members of ARTLURKER’s newly formed Advisory Board—a diverse panel of critics and arts professionals—will judge the entries. Submissions for the Miami Writer’s Prize 2014 must be received by November 15, 2014.


To qualify, entrants must:

• Be over 18 years of age • Reside in Miami-Dade county • Include a current CV or resumé  • Submit around 800 original, cohesive, and previously unpublished words in the form of a review or commentary to

Entries must be:

• Submitted as a Word (.doc) • Sent by email to as an attachment
 • In English (translations accepted but should be acknowledged) • Without images • Received on or before the closing date •



The Miami Writer’s Prize 

Fostering community discourse

through reinforcement of the blogging format.


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Miami Writer’s Prize 2014