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Thoughts on FOMO and Q-Rage

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Art Basel Miami Beach is over. Before we Miami residents inevitably begin preparing for the next one – in some cases almost immediately – we thought it might be useful to reflect. Aside from the declining quality and increasing quantity of samey fairs, artwork, and a general increase in human traffic, malcontent, and a longing among locals to leave Miami in December, and despite of the usually great weather, there seems to be a mounting realization among the international arts community that Miami is generally savage and uncouth. Lets discuss!

After reading the article I Almost Died on Miami Beach, I, as a resident of Miami and a proponent of its arts community, felt palpable shame. Also, as someone whose time is torn between projects, work, writing, parenthood etc etc I felt, as I always do, a deep sense of guilt (and shame too) for not seeing as much as I perhaps could have during fair week. This guilt feeds the fear discussed in the article above and while I thankfully had no opportunity to experience Q-Rage this year, it is a phenomenon I am well aware of.

So I’d like to open the floor to comments to discuss in a forum style conversation what we experienced collectively, how we feel about this year’s fair and what, if anything can be done to save the reputation of Miami so that the fair(s) and/or those who visit them will want to continue to come; if this is even a priority. In any case I think its important to be seen to be responding to press that is not just bad, but which might also be very telling and true[.]

Have at!

This post was contributed by Thomas Hollingworth.

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  • anonymous

    I find it telling that the Fredric Snitzer Gallery has yet to gain admittance to the main Art Basel fair in Switzerland.
    It is interesting that Mr. Snitzer, like a savage guide or trusty Tonto to the Lone Ranger is permitted to show in the main fair in Miami, and he is entrusted with the selection process for the Miami galleries, but he is not allowed to mixed with the hoity toity galleries in Basel.
    This speaks volumes of the fair organizer and their colonial tendencies.
    What’s up with that ?!

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Thoughts on FOMO and Q-Rage