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ArtLA Student Artist of the Year 2012 Contest

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I n its quest to further the arts, and art education globally, is currently accepting submissions for it’s 2012 Outstanding Student Artist Of The Year Contest that is offering a $10,000 cash prize and more to both US and International students of all ages and is not exclusively open to arts majors.

Deadline for submissions is April 10th. Subsequent voting on entries will take place on The three contestants with the most votes will go through to a semi-final where a panel of expert judges will choose one winner to receive a cash award of $10,000, an Apple Macbook Pro, Adobe Creative Suite 5.5, an Presidential Package Membership, a $500 Blick Art Materials Gift Certificate, and an exhibition of their works at the Bergamot Station Arts Center in Santa Monica, California. Judgments will be made on grounds of creativity, technical ability and originality.

To apply, a student will go to and register. They will then need to upload an image of their artwork for the competition. Once they have uploaded an image there is a link at the bottom of the page that they can copy and paste and send to anyone they would like. They can also have people go to and click on search and vote at the top of the page. These people will then search by the artists name, medium, etc. and then they will need to enter their email address. Please note that the site will only allow one vote per email address, per day, but the entrant can have anyone vote for them. In addition, anyone who visits the site can of course vote for the art that they like.

The language used in the official rules section of is intimidatingly legal, but rest assured it all checks out.  Just be sure to keep checking back with the site and, if you are selected as the winner, make sure to jump through these hoops:

“In section 3 part B it states that the prize will be forfeited if not claimed within 30 days of winning. You can have the prize mailed to you, but you assume the risk if it gets lost in the mail. However, should you win the competition there is an affidavit that must be signed and returned within 10 days.  If that affidavit is not returned within 10 days then you forfeit the prize. So there are 2 ways that you could potentially forfeit the prize. As long as the affidavit and/or liability release is returned within the 10 days and you can be contacted or you claim the prize within the 30 days, then you will receive the prize should you win the competition.” – Kara Williams, Membership Director,

Entry forms and instructions are available at

For more information please contact Tim Broughton by any of the following:

Phone: 310.586.9789, Cell: 310.570.3090, Email: media (at) artla (dot) com. is a professional web-based technology platform made for artists to bring their business online. It has over 42 years of combined art and marketing experience, with over 2,000 registered artists and art patrons and it is the most advanced art site for research and acquisition of art, as well as reaching newly emerging artists.

This post was contributed by Thomas Hollingworth.

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ArtLA Student Artist of the Year 2012 Contest