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TINT: New site on the block

Screen capture from THERE IS NO THERE.

We’d like to give a quick nod to THERE IS NO THERE (TINT), a new Miami based website for the contemporary arts. Founded earlier in the year by Hunter Braithwaite, a freelance writer, graduate of Literature and Cultural Theory, and resident of Miami, the website – in addition to his not yet being affiliated with any of our local rags – is perhaps his latest in a string of accomplishments including but not limited to two years writing and teaching at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, covering the arts in Shanghai, Paris, New York, and Miami for Artforum Online,,,, NY Arts Magazine, Whitehot Magazine, Time Out Shanghai, and City Weekend Shanghai, and being a contributing editor at Asian Art News. Striking out today with five posts, categorized and unfaltering in their address of ideas both various and encompassing, Hunter made quite a splash in our community. We hope that his mission to contextualize Miami‚Äôs contemporary art scene and further the work of artists and writers is a long-lived and successful one.

Welcome, thank you and good luck.

This post was contributed by Thomas Hollingworth.

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TINT: New site on the block