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Two weeks ago Hugo Montoya, Meatball, Justin Long, and others including Alvaro Ilizarbe and Gavin Perry opened a very fun show called ‘Bros B4 HOES’ at the Little River Yacht Club. It’s closing is tomorrow, Saturday, November 4th from 1-6 and there’s still a lot of ‘boy butter’ (sex lubricant), ball-headed dildos, a big cock slide, a dildo-climbing wall with a brass dildo suspended like a trophy at the top, and a strap-on cock-connector’ for attaching 2 guys to each other by a pipe at their crotches (this broke at the opening when Meatball got a little carried away with his partner).

Alvaro Ilizarbe taking down Gavin Perry with a pizza box with slit and tub of ‘Boy Butter’.

The real ‘meat’ of the show would have to be Hugo’s photos of the boys wrestling with each other in their underpants; striking poses of feigned surprise, dominance, submission, or just plain old coyness, all set against tecnicolor-pastel backgrounds. The shows at LRYC are events really: People whooped as they slid down the cock slide, climbed the dildo wall, laughing and gulping beer. Montoya mentioned that the work wasn’t really for sale and in any event a lot of it had to be cleared out to make room for other day-to-day activities. Yeah art for art’s sake; and in this case a bit of vaguely naughty fun.

Center: The Dick Slide Left: A fragment of one of Hugo Montoya’s photographs.

To this observer it all looked like a step forward in a still macho-bound culture where men are shamed if they express weakness, or even if they cling hopelessly to the ‘male mystique’ model: emotional stoicism, independence and self-reliance, or above all horror at the idea that a guy might enjoy an erotic moment with another guy. As if men and women were really so emotionally different from each other. And for anybody who doubts that the roles for men haven’t been more rigidly guarded in recent years than those for women, just ask an advertising executive about the way in which their industry agonized over how to try to sell things like yogurt and diet soda to men (let alone hair dye and facial masques). Turns out it was much easier to suggest that women might like hiking boots, gym memberships and sports cars.

Dildo-climbing wall with brass dildo ‘prize’ suspended at top

Ten years after the term ‘metrosexual’ was coined and men first felt that they maybe didn’t need to pretend to be a cyclist or s professional swimmer to justify shaving their arms, legs, chest and back, it’s finally come to this: erotic acting out among guys who’ve been told that ‘boys will be boys’ but that don’t you dare veer off the rigid path of manliness. As if all those cowboys and boy scouts didn’t share a moment or two themselves from time to time over years of ‘bonding’ in tents. What a relief to see that the freeing up that so often starts with artists, is finally about letting the cat out of the (sleeping) bag. It looked as though the gals were loving it too: with all those dicks around what’s not to like… And maybe, after all the criticism men have taken for finding two women ‘together’ highly erotic, it turns out that some women might think watching two men go at it is titillating too[.]

This post was contributed by David Rohn.


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