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Forest Deadline

Forest flyers among postcards.

If you’ve happened to notice a larger than normal bunch of regular looking folks carrying paintings today, don’t get too excited. Or do, because thankfully its not another art reality TV show audition, but the day to drop off submissions for Forest, an up coming exhibition (July 28th) at the Miami Beach Regional Library (227 22nd Street, Miami Beach – 305-535-4219).

As an open-call show participation by a slew of randoms is expected, but while curative methodologies of this nature typically result in chance narratives choked up with voluminous pap with a few vaguely regarded works hogging all of what little lime light is afforded, this show, although it touches on authorship, is not about the notion that ‘anyone can be an artist’, or even lauded art work.

Superficially, like any other, its just a show, specifically a salon style painting show, but actually its an interactive project attempting to address things like value and context in a conceptual manner. Forest will also be a multi-venue exhibition, with a scheduled panel at the Miami Beach Library – the opening reception will be at the library on the 28th, but you’ll have to check the show’s blog for updates on subsequent venues.

So what do you have to do? Its pretty simple, just paint a tree, specifically this tree…

…and send it in to: Forest, 300 NE 2nd Avenue, Building 3, Room 3604-36 (or drop it off at the Main Library at 101 West Flagler Street within the next hour).

So far the collective responsible for organizing the exhibition has received submissions that number in the hundreds from a range of individuals that choose to label themselves anything from artist, to cook, to teacher, to architect, to doctor. So if nothing else expect a reserved, bourgeois reception with an assumed smart casual dress code and an awkward after party, if any!

Today is the only day the library is accepting drop off submissions, but you can mail your painting(s) in anytime. The deadline for submissions is July 20th.

For more information please visit the exhibition website.

This post was contributed by Thomas Hollingworth.


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Forest Deadline