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The TRANSIT ANTENNA bus, a waste vegetable oil and solar powered 1981 Greyhound.

No more than an hour ago, the TRANSIT ANTENNA crew took up residence on the Design District’s Palm Lot in preparation for their fundraiser this Saturday (Noon til Midnight). The event, which takes the form of a fun far carnival will see a broad section of Miami’s creative personalities at their weirdest as they emulate traditional sideshow rides, games and freaks. In keeping with the theme each attraction at the fun fair will require tickets just like a real county fair. Tickets will be on sale from a booth on site and all funds raised will go towards the TRANSIT ANTENNA project, a mobile creative workshop and educational resource for alternative energy and waste systems.

The event aims to cater to all ages and creeds. During the day attractions will consist of an eclectic family friendly mix of performers both on and off the stage. In the evening a dynamic line up of music courtesy of Augurari and Roofless Records will preside over remaining performers who, like vampires, will delight in showing their true colors after the sun goes down.

Participants, attractions, fairs in general, even our fair city, all have their dark-side and we certainly don’t seek to deny that. What we do seek is support. Fundamentally the fundraiser is a money making event, but our higher intentions are to galvanize a sense of community, embrace the energy and accessibility of Miami’s art scene, and put on a good show. We hope that the wealth of support evident on Saturday will inspire feelings of solidarity and giving in anyone who visits.” said Tom Hollingworth, one of the four current TRANSIT ANTENNA crew members. “The recruitment of artists to create attractions and perform was an obvious choice.” he continued. “In the short time we have lived in Miami we have had ample opportunity to be thankful for some amazing art related events. Miami is blessed with a glut of talented artists who don’t take themselves too seriously and see the value in sustained and ever broadening dialogues.”

The event is in conjunction with the Launch Miami Market and sponsored by Artlurker, Augurari, Bert Rodriguez, Freegums, Locust Projects, Magners Irish Cider, Miami Design District, Min Treats, Primary Flight, Roofless Records, Swampspace, Sweat Records and WVO Designs.

Participating artists include Farley Aguilar, Nick Arehart, Kevin Arrow, Bhakti Baxter, Domingo Castillo, Clifton Childree, Nathan Duvall, Cassidy Fry, Christy Gast, Jason Hedges, Rosie Herrera, Jay Hines, Annie Hollingsworth, Nicolas Lobo, Justin Long, Meatball, Ana Mendez, David Rohn, Oliver Sanchez, George Sanchez-Calderon, sleeper, Tatiana Vahan, Samuel Lopez De Victoria, Agustina Woodgate, Juan Carlos Zaldivar.

For more information on the events and experiences of TRANSIT ANTENNA please visit where you can subscribe to email updates and learn about the systems they use and the life they live.

For a press release on the event click here.

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