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Miami Writer’s Prize Judging Update

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Its April 4th. Exactly one month until the deadline of this year’s Miami Writer’s Prize and we have some important updates concerning the judging. We mentioned before that Miami based nomadic educational programming project SPRING BREAK, together with last year’s winner Annie Hollingsworth, will devise and employ an engaging alternative to the usual panel-style elimination process and now we are happy to be able to share those details.

SPRING BREAK (Domingo Castillo, Patti Her & Kiwi Farah) together with Annie Hollingsworth comprise a team of four core judges. Upon the deadline of May 4th all entries received will be made anonymous and submitted to these judges who will then have just five days to decide a winner. They will do this through tiered eliminations, specifically a process of five separate eliminations involving an additional four judges.

On day one of the judging the four core judges will make the first round of eliminations. Each judge will then consecutively invite one other judge to join the team making eight judges in total, although at any given judging there will be no more than five judges.

On day two the four core judges will be joined by the first of the invited judges and a second elimination will be made. On Day three the four judges will be joined by the second of the invited judges and a third elimination will be made and so on until day five when the four core judges will be joined by the fourth and final invited judge for the last round of eliminations that will decide this year’s prize winner.

As with last year’s prize you may expect a countdown to the deadline for submissions and in addition, subsequent to closing the phones, we will document and publicize the judging process as much as possible without of course revealing anything at all.

All submissions for this year’s Miami Writer’s Prize must be received by May 4th. The winner will be announced via on May 10th.To download a pdf detailing all prize guidelines PLEASE CLICK HERE.

May the 4th be with you.

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Miami Writer’s Prize Judging Update