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5 Reasons You Should Attend MoCA’s New Methods Symposium

Image courtesy of Proyectos Ultravioleta.

Ruba Katrib, Associate Curator at MOCA, North Miami, has spent a good part of the last year traveling back and forth to the cultural capitols of Latin America. In Buenos Aires, Guatemala City, Medellín, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Cruz and San Juan she got to know artist-run organizations that function as exhibition spaces, independent schools, and touchstones in their communities, responding to the cultural needs in their particular environments. The founders of these organizations will meet together for the first time from May 4-6 at Miami’s own MOCA for the New Methods symposium. This is exciting because, as a bridge between Latin America and the US, Miami’s cultural milieu exists squarely between the two. You should attend this symposium, and here are five reasons why:

1. Curiosity. 589 million people live in Latin America and the Carribean, and each city in the South has its own particular art scene. It’s hard to keep up with the most interesting artists, spaces and trends, but getting to know the folks from Centro de Investigaciones Artisticas (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Lugar a Dudas (Cali, Colombia) , Proyectos Ultravioleta (Guatemala City, Guatemala), Casa Tres Patios (Medellin, Colombia), SOMA (Mexico City, Mexico), Capacete (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Beta-Local (San Juan, Puerto Rico) , Kiosko Galeria (Santa Cruz, Bolivia)  is a good start.

2. Networking (see above). Ruba’s research, partly funded by a grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation, has already led to two exhibitions in Miami: Dot Fiftyone’s current Mamicito, organized by Kiosko Galería & the upcoming Mayami Son Machine at Gallery Diet, organized by Proyectos Ultravioleta. Reciprocate!

Tania Bruguera seminar @ CIA.

3. Edification. Cultural theorist Dr. George Yudice, Professor in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at the University of Miami, will present the closing lecture. One of the foremost Latin Americanists, his research interests include cultural policy, globalization, transnational processes, and the role of intellectuals, artists, and activists in national and transnational institutions.

4. Discount. Are you a student or educator? A $45 Symposium Pass guarantees you a seat at every event, and a ticket to the closing party at Lester’s.

5. Fun. After-party at Lester’s! More information can be found at

This post was contributed by Christy Gast

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5 Reasons You Should Attend MoCA’s New Methods Symposium