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Photo Miami 2010 Canceled

Customized Photo Miami 2010 graphics.

Four days after receiving a press release promoting Photo Miami 2010 the same PR company, Susan Grant Lewin Associates, announces that the fair is now canceled!

“Fotomarkt Art Fairs, the producer of Photo Miami, announces with sincere regret the cancellation of Photo Miami 2010. Fotomarkt was unsuccessful in its bid to secure additional financing for the Fair.  While the company had explored financing from other sources, it could not secure adequate funding within the timeframe requisite for producing a fair of the quality that the exhibitors, partners and visitors had come to expect.”

“We are most saddened by this decision for the lost opportunity to showcase the vibrant and relevant new work that our exhibitors were planning to bring to Miami and to experience the exciting programming that had been developed by Brookie Maxwell, the Fair’s Artistic Director,” said Steve Eshelman, Managing Partner, and Charles Guice, Photo Miami’s Managing Director.
Last year, in spite of reports that the fair was expanding its base with international talent, Photo Miami 2009 set up shop in a recently vacated Circuit City storefront on North Miami Ave in Miami’s midtown (now Haloween City). Despite being cleverly spun as strategically positioned on the main thoroughfare for all of the major satellite fairs during ABMB, as well as the Rubell Family Collection and the new warehouse for the Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz Collection, the location appeared to be a definite step down from 2008 when the fair occupied a large tent next door to SCOPE MIAMI and Art Miami.
According to the fair’s website and FaceBook page everything is still ‘a go’ so what is happening? The clincher is always money, specifically the profuse lack of it, and clearly PR companies promote before they investigate, but I am making this post not to ask questions about motives or logistics – because they are obvious – and not even to address this specific case – as if truth be told I don’t really care all that much for Photo Miami – but because I am worried by inconsistency and frightened by the notion that marketers keep on flogging when the horse is quite clearly dying. How much of our world is complete fabrication? Or disappointment? Around 100% I think. So what are the implications? There is no hint that Photo Miami will return, but that equally could mean that we are to assume that they will. Are they the first of many fairs this year to pull out last minute? Time will tell (and I can’t wait!). In the end perhaps we need not to be worried so much by implications, unless of course you just realized you just lost a job, and more perhaps about a moral to this story, which would probably be don’t just don’t believe everything you read, don’t believe anything at all. Oh, and expect nothing or be disappointed[.]
This post was contributed by Thomas Hollingworth.


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Photo Miami 2010 Canceled