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The Sunday Video: Teachings of The Rastafari

For this week’s Sunday Video I wanted commemorate the commencement today of Artlurker contributor Cassidy Fry’s free weekly urban sustainability class, 4th Ave AG, by post something informative about permaculture, but I think this says much more.

Pure lyric is truth in rays of sun
all the flowers know it and are laughing

-Ital Iman I

Teachings of The Rastafari

Today’s 4th Ave AG classes run like so: Morning class at 11-1230. Afternoon class at 2-430pm and practical at 4pm. Afternoon class will include a half hour of practical work after a quick break around 330pm.

If you think you would be interested in changing the existing destructive paradigm (and sweating buckets), please come by!

This post was contributed by Thomas Hollingworth.


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The Sunday Video: Teachings of The Rastafari