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As we spend another unnecessarily hot day waiting for your submissions from this weekend’s art walk we thought you’d enjoy this compilation of a project hosted recently on Insiders/Out, was a collaborative effort by three recent graduates of Bard College (Elvia, Elana, and Alisa) who hit the road this summer on a three week whirlwind tour of America’s various folk art meccas, documenting their findings in various ephemera.

Though their trip only gave them a quick taste of life on the road, their divergent interests in outsider art, field recording, printmaking, and self-publishing made for exciting experiences. While moving through places like Pasaquan, The Ave Maria Grotto, and The Unclaimed Baggage Center the group utilized the Transit Antenna website as a place to synthesize all of their ideas, stories, and projects. Their progress was tracked on the website’s map as well as its new guest section where their writings below are archived.

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This post was contributed by Thomas Hollingworth.

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