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The Sunday Video: Shake Weight

Sunday Video columnist Bob Snead and I first saw the Shake Weight infomercial whilst collecting my bus from Arkansas in January of this year. As I don’t own a television I had been unaware of its taking America by storm some four months previous. At the time we both thought this would make a good Sunday Video, but its rampant popularity and lack of depth beyond the obvious forced us to shelf it. We were delighted then when Miami artist Bert Rodriguez unveiled his latest video collaboration between Sam Borkson of FriendsWithYou and Alex Caso of The Waterford Landing. While the original infomercial might be seriously lacking in irony, Rodriguez’ video, along side the countless, how should I say, less well produced offerings found on YouTube combines reference to two cultural memes – a familiar (and still amusing) comedic device (the presumption of masturbation) and the not so subtle adianoeta that has inevitably come to eclipse the practical application of the Shake Weight’s supposedly revolutionary dynamic inertia technology.

But Shake Weight’s fine art debut is not the only reason for us to quench our seven month long thirst to publish it on Artlurker. As of today there is just over a month left to submit entries to Shake Weight Jingle Contest! That’s right folks, between now and August 31st 60 second submissions are being taken via in an attempt to put a catchy tune to a product that America has apparently fallen in love with. Those hoping to put their stamp on what is being described as ‘an international pop culture phenomenon’ can look forward to a $10,000 cash prize if their jingle is selected as the winning entry or a $25,000 cash prize if their jingle is selected as the winning entry and is elected to become to the official brand music. Ten runners up can expect to receive an Apple iPad. More good news: There seems to be only a handful of entries so far, one of which is featured below.

Shake Weight Jingle Contest (Matt Carlson, Brandon Froedge, Matt Wilke) via mattcarlson12

For Bert Rodriguez’ recent video featuring Sam Borkson and the Shake Weight go here, scroll down to the bottom and click on the thumbnail of the worried looking naked guy.

This post was contributed by Thomas Hollingworth.


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The Sunday Video: Shake Weight