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The Sunday Video: Desorientation of a young man


that one is the shit
do that one
the last one the last one
fuck yeah
Artlurker:  ok. i like it. especially the comment below about bringing this to miami. want to write a sentence or two about it?
Fry:  fuck you miami bitches
you aint in miami
youre a btich
-cassidy fry
hows that?
Artlurker:  perfect. but don’t you think we should attempt to connect negritude with western philosophical positions? perhaps via bergsonian epistemology and its impact on senghor and césaire?
Fry:  not really. im in a bad mood today.
Artlurker:  cheer up
Fry:  somedays i just want to kill all the iguanas i see
stand under a coconut tree looking up and waiting
take my pants off and jump fences
Fry:  you can put that in
i keep imagining ill go out and a human will be interesting
Fry:  fuck
are you putting that video up?
with my hate text?
Artlurker:  probably, but not for a few weeks.
Fry:  thats a long time
i might be dead by then
Artlurker: hey, i don’t think that embed code works [link]
Fry: i don’t care
artlurker you make me look crazy!

Images of African modern art paintings put on music of Finley Quaye.. La Negritude de Senghor interpretated by Senegalese painters. This movie is part of the collection: Community Video. Producer: Gaston. Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Belgium. [link]

This post was contributed by Thomas Hollingworth and Cassidy Fry.


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The Sunday Video: Desorientation of a young man