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The Sunday Video: Foals “Miami”

It’s been a drag this week because most of the videos I’ve watched have been about the spill.  The live feed has certainly not gotten any better and this week NOAA released findings based on their study of 500 different scenarios.  Compiling the data, they are giving a 60-80% chance that the oil will make land fall on the east coast and specifically in the Miami area.  Great.  I’ve watched various videos from New Orleans with people talking about the smell of oil that the city has acquired, and discovered a great DIY project that’s trying to map the spill with balloons and kites.  And even seemingly unrelated videos have brought me back to the spill.  The battle between queens and muscles portrayed in the music video “Miami” by the Foals (filmed in California? by a five piece from Oxford, UK?), started to make me a bit sentimental for the gaudy side of Miami Beach. Imagining that the oiled bodies will make an exodus with the first sign of oil from the gulf, I think it’s time for a trek to the shore while it’s still there.

The Official Video for ‘Miami’, the second single from the new album ‘Total Life Forever’ by Foals. Via wearefoals.

This post was contributed by Bob Snead.

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The Sunday Video: Foals “Miami”