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The Sunday Video: Paul Ross

The inspiration for this week’s Sunday came while shopping on the UK version of Amazon. After trawling for sensible shoes and a birthday present for mom my sister’s boyfriend pointed me in the direction of a box canvas print of British TV and radio personality Paul Ross. Described in reference to his younger, ultimately more successful brother, Jonathon Ross, as the runt of the litter and regularly persecuted by ironic comedians namely Sacha Baron Cohen (aka Borat), Ross seems doomed to wallow in d-list hell, incapable of landing or generating interesting jobs or material. The listing on has become an internet meme, a gold mine of literary wit and a must see for pranksters. With no less than 285 reviews, most of which are lengthy and intelligent, this box print of a minor celebrity is a panoramic window into a world seldom enjoyed by Americans – a gauntlet of unremittingly vicious consumer standards held by a public who leave few careers intact enough to make it to the hallowed hall of Britcoms and other such bastions of taste. The video below from Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe series serves beautifully to induct interested parties into the mind set of the discerning British public. Here Charlie Brooker breaks down the horror industry, sarcastically citing Ross’ puerile efforts in an argument against big budget movies. Thank god for the honest brutality of the Brits. Without them entertainment might truly be lost; adrift in a word with neither pillar or benchmark to guide it.

Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe S5E1P3 via xthemusic

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The Sunday Video: Paul Ross