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Miami Herald announces plans for 20 Under 40

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Yesterday the Miami Herald announced their plans in conjunction with to name the most influential 20 people under 40 to South Floridian arts. Kind of like the Art Review’s Power 100 that saw Hans Ulrich Obrist top the list in 2009, but limited in range to 20 under 40′s, and in scope by a stipulation of geographic residence and high ethical standards (ha!) the list will be published in the Miami Herald’s Season of the Arts section on September 12th for the grace and glory of the selected nominees and our blossoming community. Presumably they are only gunning for 20 because there are precious few individuals resident in Miami Dade or Broward counties who have made truly ground breaking contributions, and only accepting nominees under 40 because most over 40 have been here long enough to muscle their way to influential positions through real estate money or crafty manipulation of our wild west politics that would make an impotent mockery of this supposedly democratic process. Perhaps Artlurker should organize and publish a power strata for the Miami community open to all areas of the arts, free from politically correct conditions, and dripping with petty scandal. Nah, whats the point, we all know whose in charge!

Information on applying for the 20 Under 40 via The Miami Herald below:

The Miami Herald and are searching for South Floridians under 40 who are poised to make an impact in our local arts scene or are shifting that world already.

Through Aug. 1, we’re accepting nominations for inclusion in our 20 Under 40 list of emerging South Florida arts innovators and leaders. We’re looking for people working in visual arts, theater, music, dance or performance art whose fresh approaches or community work mark them as local leaders.

Individuals should have high ethical standards, must live or work in Miami-Dade or Broward counties and be between ages 20-39 on Aug. 1, 2010.

We’ll be looking for a combination of these qualities:

• Demonstrated leadership in the arts

• Influence on his/her genre’s South Florida community

• Ability to create ground-breaking work

To nominate someone (or yourself), send an e-mail to

Nominations must include the following (personal information will be kept private):

Nominee’s name, date of birth, home and work addresses, daytime and evening phone numbers, e-mail address and a copy of the nominee’s résumé. You must include a 150-word essay about why the nominee should be considered. If you are nominating yourself, please have a non-relative familiar with your work and character write this and include his/her contact information and relationship to you.

Nominations must be submitted by noon Sept. 1.

The list of 20 under 40 will be announced in the Season of the Arts section on Sept. 12.

This post was contributed by Thomas Hollingworth


  • Kyle

    Seems pretty reminiscent of The New Yorker’s recent “20 Under 40″ writers list. Could be an interesting list though.

  • margallo

    Why are you so skeptical of Miami, its arts community, and successful Miami artists? Could it be….jealousy, frustration, jealousy again….?

  • admin

    Kyle: I’d say a blatant cadge, not just simply reminiscent!

    Margallo: I am not skeptical of Miami, its arts community, and successful Miami artists, just critical. Such is the nature of this blog.

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Miami Herald announces plans for 20 Under 40