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The Sunday Video: The Neistat Brothers

I first heard about these guys several years ago when they were working as studio assistants for Tom Sachs and it was really hard not to instantly fall in love with their videos.  This past week their new HBO TV show premiered, which is low-fi at it’s absolute best. They first won major online cred for their video, Ipods Dirty Secret but they have so many really great videos that I think it’s time you got sucked into the haphazard, funny, and duct-taped vortex that is the Neistat Brothers. So for this week’s Sunday Video I present to you my favorite of their early YouTube shorts entitled BANG!

BANG! Mickey Sumner and Casey Neistat detonate a bullet with a hammer via Kimmy2001.

This post was contributed by Bob Snead.

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The Sunday Video: The Neistat Brothers