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Thanks and Silent Auction


Artlurker awards giving soiree at Locust Projects yesterday.

Thanks to everyone who came out to Locust Projects last night to celebrate the first year of the Miami Writer’s Prize. Being the first year we didn’t know what to expect, but have been happily surprised at every stage of the process by your enthusiasm. The support of individuals within the community, the Knight Foundation, and our partner, Locust Projects has been essential. With that continued support we will hopefully be able to make the prize a long staid annual event. Hats off to everyone who got involved, especially Locust Projects Director, Chana Sheldon who is currently at home enjoying her new baby.

And now a notice about next week’s event; the Artlurker Silent Auction.

Tempting though it was, we didn’t feel it appropriate to turn last night’s event – a celebration of a community and one of its exciting new voices – into a fundraiser, however, despite being able to host a writer’s prize (in fact, mostly due to the writer’s prize) we are mighty short on funds. As some of you may remember our server went down a few months ago and since then we have been operating on a temporary fix. What we really need now is a dedicated server and other necessary blog saving/smooth operating back up equipment like an external hard drive. But, rather than get out our begging bowl we thought we’d instead have some fun trying to veneer our brief (and now precarious) existence with a sense of longevity by holding an online silent auction of treasured Artlurker memorabilia.

The lots will consist of prized and valuable holdings from the Artlurker estate including, but not limited to: various items of vintage clothing sported by our contributors at art events, art work by Miami based artists, and wo very special lots; the Artlurker dog - featured in the post A brief treatise on The Art of Fucking About from 2008 this antique African Wild Dog (now an endangered species) is a beautiful specimen of mid-nineteenth century taxidermy that has been a font of inspiration since the beginning – and the Artlurker chair – like an old friend this beloved article, an imitation Eames office chair, has seen us through many long nights and early mornings.

Certain lots may have a reserve, but most will not and to further maximize the effectiveness of this endeavor we’re going to make it really easy to participate. The lot will go up and bids may be made in the comments section. Simply put the amount you wish to pay in a blank comment, leave your email for our administrator’s eyes only and we’ll be in touch if you win. Every day next week a new lot will go up and bidding will begin.

All we want is to fund the means necessary to be able to continue to operate and in doing so offer a shared resource where the development of Miami’s art community can be archived by the individuals who comprise it.

All lots come with free local delivery within one business day of purchase. Payments can be made by mailing in a check to our offices or by depositing funds into our PayPal account, mail at artlurker dot com.

Thank you in advance for your bids! Auction starts this coming Monday at 9am.

This post was contributed by Thomas Hollingworth.

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Thanks and Silent Auction