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ARTLURKER Online Silent Auction: Special Weekend Bonus

A reproduction of the classic Eames Aluminum Group Management Chair. Image credit.

Sorry for the late start today, but with no bids for the past few days we figured it probably didn’t matter. Rounding off a week of Online Silent Auctions, which on the whole have been successful, we wanted to offer up a couple of pieces of cherished Artlurker memorabilia. With apologies, one of those pieces, our mascot, a taxidermied African Wild Dog, circa 1950, was donated yesterday to an artist so that he can live on in performances and so continue to provide much inspiration to Miami culture and its patrons. What we have to offer today then, while perhaps not as eccentric or rarefied, is no less precious to us. A sentiment we hope is shared by our dedicated readers.

Today’s lot is the Artlurker chair. An imitation reproduction of the classic Eames Aluminum Group Management Chair. It was on this chair that Artlurker was conceived, created and maintained. This chair has carried and supported us through many long nights and early mornings and while the photographs included here are not of the actual chair as our camera charger is still at Locust Projects since the awards ceremony of the inaugural year of the Miami Writer’s Prize, our chair is almost exactly the same.

Owing to a surprising and quite frankly disappointing last few days of the Artlurker Online Silent Auction we feel it pertinent to remind readers that the function of these auctions is to raise funds to ensure the longevity of the website. While perhaps not the most innovative or exciting approach to fund raising, the cause is worthy and the need very real. Real enough that we feel justified in sacrificing something that has stood faithfully by us since the very beginning just so that we might go on.

Our goal is simply to continue to provide a forum for the community. Despite having ties all over the country and ambitious plans to travel it, Artlurker is and will remain a Miami based contemporary art resource. Not only is it is here that we feel we are needed and here that we will stay, but we owe our very existence to this unique climate, to the artists and galleries that have allowed us to penetrate their inner sanctums, and to the readers who have championed our investigative and at times inappropriate journalism with comments and abiding solidarity both on and off line.

Yes, our overheads are small, but we have ambition. The money raised this week will be invaluable to us in securing a self sufficient and stable future. Looking ahead we are anxious to open the website up even further to the community and its talented protagonists. To do that we must have the means and the resources; chairs unfortunately are a tertiary concern.

A reproduction of the classic Eames Aluminum Group Management Chair. Image credit.

Today’s lot, while presently in our formative state is perhaps not worthy of a collectible status, will, given the opportunity provided for by the funds raised in selling it, enable us to grow into a healthy and varied institution. As such this lot is not just a beautiful chair, but an investment not only in object memorabilia, but in an active and dedicated facet of your developing community. Please bid generously.

**To bid for this item simply enter your email for our eyes only in the comments section and leave a comment detailing the amount you wish to pay. Please note the minimum bidding increment is $50. To best access the comments section, please click on the title of this post and scroll down to the bottom.

The comments box will automatically and instantaneously approve your comments and each comment will have a time signature that will decide the winner.

Today’s lot will close at 8pm Central Time

(our current server is in Texas – please refer to time signature on comment to be sure your bid is valid)

All lots come with free local delivery within one business day of payment. Payments can be made by mailing in a check to our offices at 8550 NE 4th Ave., Miami FL 33138 or by depositing funds into our PayPal account, mail at artlurker dot com.

Please check back regularly.

This post was contributed by Thomas Hollingworth

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ARTLURKER Online Silent Auction: Special Weekend Bonus