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ARTLURKER Online Silent Auction: Lot #2


Lee Materazzi

Untitled (clothes on heads), 2006

Digital C-Print on Plexiglas

20 x 26 ½ inches

1 of 2 AP (from an edition of 5)

Original Price: $800 (with mount)

Reserve: $300

Courtesy of the Artist and Spinello Gallery


Welcome to day two of the Artlurker Online Silent Auction. Each day this week (Monday through Friday) we will be auctioning off a work by a different Miami based artist. A special lot is reserved for a bonus auction on Saturday. Today’s lot is a large digital C-print on Plexiglas by photographer Lee Materazzi.

To participate, simply enter your email for our eyes only in the comments section and leave a comment detailing the amount you wish to bid. At the end of the auction, the highest, most recent bidder wins. Serious bids only please.

The comments box will automatically approve your comments facilitating smooth bidding.

Each comment will have a time signature that will decide the winner.

Today’s lot will close at 8pm Central Time

(our server is in Texas – please refer to time signature on comment to be sure your bid is valid)

Please note that this lot has a reserve of $300 and that the minimum bidding increment is $50.

All proceeds from Artlurker Online Silent Auctions go directly towards the upkeep of the Artlurker website. Thanks to the artist for donating their beautiful work and thanks in advance to our readers for their support. A PDF detailing the week’s lots will soon be available to download. Please check back regularly.

All lots come with free local delivery within one business day of payment. Payments can be made by mailing in a check to our offices at 8550 NE 4th Ave., Miami FL 33138 or by depositing funds into our PayPal account, mail at artlurker dot com.

For more information on today’s artist please visit

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ARTLURKER Online Silent Auction: Lot #2