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Achtung! Artlurker Online Silent Auction


Beginning next week Artluker will host a series of silent auctions. As some of you may remember our server went down a few months ago. Since then we’ve been on a temporary fix and the precariousness of our existence is making us sweat more than our broken A/C unit. What we really need now, apart from a new compressor, is a dedicated server and other necessary blog saving/smooth operating/back-up equipment such as an external hard drive and beefier hosting.

In order to afford these things we will be auctioning a different lot every day next week. Spectacular lots from the holdings of the Artlurker estate include memorabilia such as the Artlurker chair (an imitation Eames office chair that has been with us since the beginning) and art work by Miami based artists including but not limited to Jay Hines, Lee Materazzi, Federico Nessi, Bert Rodriguez and Agustina Woodgate.

Please log on from 9am Monday for more information and to help us find the means to continue operating.

All lots come with free local delivery within one business day of payment. Payments can be made by mailing in a check to our offices or by depositing funds into our PayPal account, mail at artlurker dot com.

All funds raised will go directly toward the upkeep of the Artlurker website.

Please check back regularly.

This post was contributed by Thomas Hollingworth.

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Achtung! Artlurker Online Silent Auction