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The Sunday Video: The End is Near

Next month I will be teaching a series of workshops entitled “The End is Near: How to Survive the Impending Apocalypse” at Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston, SC. So for the next few weeks I will feature some of my favorite end of days clips. This week’s Sunday Video was originally part of a Japanese broadcast in 2006 that continues the asteroid-is-going-to-destroy-the-world theory which peaked in popularity in 1998 with the big budget movies Deep Impact and Armageddon. This is one of my favorite theories of human annihilation because it absolves us of all our sins against the world. Global warming, ozone depletion, oil slicks, and anything else we’ve done to destroy this planet matter very little if it’s all going to burn in an Asteroid collision on Friday the 13th of April, 2029 to a soundtrack of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.

simulation d’impac de météorite” via azelone62

This post was contributed by Bob Snead.

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The Sunday Video: The End is Near