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The Sunday Video: Drinking Out of Cups

This week’s Sunday Video is by Dan Deacon & Liam Lynch. Liam Lynch is a musician, puppeteer, writer and director who created this video to accompany a dialogue by American electronic musician Dan Deacon. According to some friends of mine, Dan Deacon took acid, locked himself in a closet and made this recording. Contrary to this however is an article on Pitchfork entitled “Dan Deacon on the “Drinking Out of Cups” Video: “I Have Never Done Acid” that ventures “If you’re going to make a video in which a CGI lizard with a thick Long Island accent bitches about random objects that float by, you’re going to have to deal with people thinking you’re on acid. Even if you’re not, it’s kind of an understandable mistake. Also, you will be a lot happier if you never, ever read YouTube comments.” Personally I liked the video a lot better before the closet/acid story was ousted as myth, and comments like “ I WAS NOT ON ACID WHILE MAKING THIS VIDEO” and “I RECORDED THE TRACK 100% SOBER” which Deacon made on a MySpace bulletin recently in an attempt to clear up the facts surrounding the video’s production really tick me off. More on the use of hallucinogenic and psychotropic drugs on their way as soon as I can find time to transcribe a recent talk on the performance work of David Rohn at Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art. “Seahorse Sea Hell.”

Dan Deacon & Liam Lynch – Drinking Out of Cups”>Dan Deacon & Liam Lynch – Drinking Out of Cups via wkcreech

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The Sunday Video: Drinking Out of Cups