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We interrupt our regular Saturday feature [again] to bring you [another] special announcement. Beginning in June, in an effort to counteract the summer doldrums down here in Miami, we will be opening our doors to our readers. Launching a preemptive strike against abject boredom in a tour de force of what is effectively editorial suicide we will be abandoning our typical Mo of publishing only the best of the submissions we receive and instead publish everything. So if you’ve previously submitted and been rejected; always wanted to submit but feared rejection; or simply want to sabotage something beautiful then now’s your chance! Submissions are already being taken.

What are your thoughts on the many recent local and national developments, art or otherwise? Are we evolving into a slow recovery? Have things changed for the better? Or does the data spell doom? And what if anything does any of this mean for Miami?

Unlike to our regular scope of reportage, interviews, thought pieces and special features, your contributions may take any form – entertaining prose, fiction, narratives, photo journals – and focus on any subject.

Be the architect. Let us be your canvas. Send your submissions to mail at artlurker dot com.


There’s less than one month to go before the deadline for submissions for the Miami Writer’s Prize 2010. The winner of the prize will be paid an $800 stipend in return for eight posts on Artlurker. Deadline is 11:59pm June 4th. Download the updated official Miami Writer’s Prize 2010 PDF here.

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Quenching the Sun