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Louise Bourgeois has died


Louise Bourgeois in her Brooklyn studio in 1992. Image credit.

Here follow a few quick links to a few quick articles in the wake of the death of Louise Bourgeois who died today aged 98. For the New York Times, Holland Cotter revisits established musings with fresh sentimentality, and for The Associated Press, Jennifer Peltz provides a more biographical slant twinned with quotes from living artists who cite Bourgeois as inspirational.

Drawn in orange and flesh-pink gouache, [the spider] here stalked across the page and there shrunk to the size of a pea. As an immense sculpture of soldered metal tubing, it loomed ominously over the viewer but was delicate enough to quiver and sway at a touch. Fragility and fierceness were, in fact, the twin poles of Ms. Bourgeois’s art.” — Holland Cotter.

All in all its been a pretty rough few days. I guess All Voices was right. They really do go in threes.

UPDATE: Related link: Louise Bourgeois obituary in The Guardian.


Artist Louise Bourgeois with one of her sculptures, Baroque (1970), at Moma in New York. Photograph: Ted Thai/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images.

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Louise Bourgeois has died