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Flash Orchestra


I missed this show last second Saturday because Spinello Gallery stole my clothes for the interactive part of Lee Materazzi’s Feels Like Home before I could make it down to Wynwood, but the website documenting the exhibition just got updated so I thought I’d share in case you missed it too.


Flash Orchestra was experimental project directed by Felecia Chizuko Carlisle and developed in collaboration with a group of Electronic Media students at New World School of the Arts. For the one night only event at ArtSeen, the New World School of the Arts’ exhibition and studio facility in Wynwood, participants designed and produced unique digital sound instruments that were played in unison from laptop computers.


Sound was accompanied by visualizations in the form of animated geometric abstractions projected within the space. Encompassing the architecture, sound and images created a temporary environmental installation that was both sculptural and experiential. This project explores the genre of “soundscape” as a thematic subject for art.

For more information, pictures and videos please go here.

This post was contributed by Thomas Hollingworth.

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Flash Orchestra