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Miami Writer’s Prize 2010: Urgent AND Important Notice


Often, as a society, we tend to be overly focused on urgent things. They’re kind of like fires, so we must attend to them or stuff gets of of hand real quick. The problem with urgent things is that they never let up. Everyday there’s something urgent to work on, procrastinate over, something new to stop us from getting to our projects. In short, when we focus on the urgent, we’re often ignoring the important.

Today however, the urgent thing is also the important thing, at least for me and anyone submitting texts to the Miami Writer’s Prize 2010. So whilst serving the dual purpose of providing a kick in the pants to those putting off their entries until the last minute, this post is also designed to dispense some crucial information regarding the prize.

Further to our last notice post in which we were delighted to announce that the prize had been doubled from $400 to $800 by anonymous donation, please take special note of these 2 points:

1. The deadline of the Miami Writer’s Prize 2010 has been changed to June 4th. So if you wanted to submit but didnt think you had them time, well now you do! For all details concerning this change and its impact to surrounding dates and events please download the updated official Miami Writer’s Prize 2010 PDF.

2. If you have submitted an entry, but not received a email confirmation please resubmit. With apologies we think that some entries have not gotten through due server limitations.

That’s all folks!

June the 4th be with you!

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Miami Writer’s Prize 2010: Urgent AND Important Notice