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The Sunday Video: Peripetics

I thought a cat video might be a good platform this week for my anecdotal theory of cat video prominence on the interweb. I believe that cats are the most watched video subject on the internet second only to anything pornographic. Trying to confirm my theory, I started doing searches for most watched internet videos and found no cats. Instead I discovered the Daniel After Dentist phenomenon, which I had somehow missed more than a year ago. I laughed until I cried through two viewings. “Is this real life?”

Peripetics by ZEITGUISED from NotForPaper on Vimeo.

However for this week’s Sunday Video I settled on Peripetics, a video that made me excited again about the possibilities of computer animation after being so disappointed with Alice and it’s slip into the uncanny valley. If you’re left wanting more after the breathing universe, you can also check out the outtakes. By the way, Daniel, this is not real life[.]

This post was contributed by Bob Snead.

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The Sunday Video: Peripetics