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The Sunday Video: Rudy

I‘ve always been pretty apathetic towards sports generally. I never played any growing up and nearly every game I’ve ever watched made me feel like I was burning valuable time after about ten minutes.  But today being the day where it’s just plain wrong for an American not to watch football and since the big game is in Miami, I thought it would be appropriate to use today’s Sunday video to make a confession: I cry during sports movies. I don’t usually seek them out, but every one I’ve ever seen has had me holding back tears.  I know they’re catharsis intended for sports enthusiasts and that I shouldn’t fall victim to their formulaic structure- underdog protagonist (person or team) fighting to be the best and by the end becoming the best (enter violins). But I can’t help it. Once those violins start, I form a bad case of red eye. I usually try to wipe off the tears before anyone else notices.

For this week’s Sunday video I’ve selected the climax portion of the classic football movie, Rudy.  His whole life, the only thing Rudy ever wanted was to be a football player at Notre Dame.  He was not all that smart and really not built to be a player, but he worked hard and did it – just for the last few seconds of his last year at Notre Dame, but he did it (enter violins).

Rudy succeeds with sack – courtesy of mthompson93

Other Sports movies I’ve shed a tear over: Hoosiers, Rocky, Karate Kid, A League of Their Own, Lucas, Remember the Titans, The Rookie, The Greatest Game Ever Played, The Legend of Bagger Vance, Sea Biscuit, The Natural, and Field of Dreams.

This post was contributed by Bob Snead.

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The Sunday Video: Rudy