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The Sunday Video: Public Installation

I was visiting New York City several months ago feeling like I had to cram in as much as possible since I only get to the city once or twice a year.  On my last night in town I elected to go with some friends on a non-stop tour of every opening we could muster in Chelsea and by the end I could hardly stand up from all the free beer and wine. Everything from that night was pretty hazy until I stumbled upon this week’s Sunday Video. I remember walking into a stark gallery space with a lonely four foot tall potted ficus in the middle of the floor, and whispered to one of my friends, “great another bullshit concept piece.” But the gallery was serving Grolsch, so needless to say it was pretty packed out and we stuck around a while to down a few. At some point I started to hear a commotion from the middle of the gallery. I turned around in time to get a precarious view of the ficus with a steaming pile of shit in its soil and a man next to it pulling up his trousers. I only got a glimpse before my friends grabbed me to move on to the next opening. I never got the artist’s name, and to be honest I sort of forgot about it until now. I had no idea he was also doing public installations. Can anyone help me out with a name?

This post was contributed by Bob Snead.

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The Sunday Video: Public Installation