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The Sunday Video: How To Report The News

After reading of artists taking over the airwaves this week, it got me thinking about all of the abandoned UHF and VHF television signals floating around ever since the TV stations gave them up for strictly digital broadcasts. It’s time for artists to adopt these lonely TV signals. Don’t think of it as pirating. Think of it as recycling or dumpster diving. Then it could be considered ‘green’ right? The FCC can’t fault you for being green.

For today’s Sunday Video, I’ve selected a step by step ‘how to’ on reporting the news.  SEE! DIY TV stations – totally doable.

Charlie Brooker – How To Report The News via PrivateCustard

This post was contributed by Bob Snead.

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  • swampthing

    Why leave the business of engineering consent to the professionals? The Forth Estate went bankrupt when it succumbed to the elites’ complicity in the big lie.

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The Sunday Video: How To Report The News