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Transit Antenna: Introducing…


While we think about coverage of Saturday’s openings and retrieve a bus from North West Arkansas take a look at this recent post on Transit Antenna, the web journal of a mobile living experiment, which Artlurker Founder, Thomas Hollingworth will soon be conducting.

From our base in Miami where we work on art stuff we’ve been following the group now for over a year, living vicariously through their many trials and triumphs and so while it’s a real honor to be taking the reigns, we fully understand that the life is by no means glamorous. Actually, about half the people we talk to about the project think we are crazy. Thankfully the other half are really inspired, and it’s these individuals that are giving us the strength of character necessary to venture out on this particular limb. Both a carrot and stick and a shadow, the mindset of being TRANSIT ANTENNA will likely sometimes be our incentive and other times simply underpin our activities; a means by which others can identify us and we ourselves can justify our existence, purposeful or not.

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Transit Antenna: Introducing…