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The Sunday Video: The National VegOil Board

This week’s Sunday Video marks Artlurker Founder Thomas Hollingworth’s new venture, to convert and live in a 1981 MCI model 9 that he will pick up from West Arkansas on Monday, returning to Miami late next week to begin the veggie conversion with the help of Transit Antenna Founder, Bob Snead. Assistance and donations welcome!

“In the winter of 2005, Cynthia Shelton embarked on a journey not many of us would be keen on pursuing- a solo drive from California to Massachusetts in a 1973 Mercedes run on straight vegetable oil. She was successful in her journey- documented here- but came away feeling like the people she met on the road needed a way to connect. What better way to connect than through the internet? Hence the birth of The National VegOil Board. Spearheaded by Cynthia and other VegOil activists, The NVOB aims to educate the public as well as promote more research into straight veggie oil as a reliable and clean burning fuel.”

Cynthia Shelton, Founder of the National VegOil Board (NVOB).

For more information on Thomas’ embarkation please visit:

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The Sunday Video: The National VegOil Board