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The Sunday Video: Silent Night by Rainbo Video

This week’s Sunday Video is Silent Night, a new work by Chicago based musician, filmmaker and artist, Rainbo Video.

“Silent Night is the second piece in the Acid Colorform Taxonomy cycle. Strange images reveal and impose themselves upon us all the time. When they come to us in dreams, we watch, paralyzed.  When they come to us in real life, the same is true.” – Rainbo Video

New videos are expected soon – we’ll post them here when they’re available.  As for other media, Rainbo Video is currently working on a new album and a text-based piece called The Infinity Permutations, excerpts of which are available on his site:

Rainbo Video is also working on the longest film ever made.  It is scheduled for completion in early 2010.

Silent Night from Rainbo Video on Vimeo.

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The Sunday Video: Silent Night by Rainbo Video