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The Sunday Video: Art Basel Miami Beach 2009

This weeks Sunday Video features a selection of videos on Art Basel Miami Beach 2009. Illustrating the often puerile urgency of the trolling masses, this sift is positioned to affect a sense of pointlessness in the reader as regards Art Basel Miami Beach.

These three animatronic heads are part of an art piece on sale at Art Basel Miami Beach 2009 for $75,000. The heads are connected to servos behind the mold of the artist’s face that are controlled by a computer. The movements and audio are on a 15 minute loop. Kind of cool, but also kind of outrageous:

Another bargain for $75,000 (har har) this giant interpretation of the pick up sticks game was just purchased:

This guy’s Metropolis-esq job is to sit in a tiny booth in Design Miami and be stared at by people all day whilst manually changing the hands of the clock behind him. Whatever this work is trying to affect, it nonetheless addresses perfectly how we have felt these past few days; his facial expression alone says it all:

And finally our favorite pointless video. This gold plated Uzi encased in acrylic is by artist Ten Neton at Design Miami. Its seems like someone’s intent was to communicate what they thought was something worth disseminating. Sadly for them, fortunate for us, they have no taste and a poor grasp of technology:

Oops! Looks like they caught themselves!

All videos today were courtesy of A3Network, “a group of online TV channels that reflect the modern lifestyle featuring Nightlife, Clubs, DJs, How-Tos, Music Video, Style, Art, Fashion, Travel, Bikini Girls, Film and Sexy Pool Parties. Whatever the flavor, the most exciting videos on Youtube!”

Thanks A3Network for giving us something else to detest (Groans of unmitigated despair).

This post was contributed by Thomas Hollingworth.

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  • James Echols

    You know, if you do not want to be bothered by the “puerile urgency of the trolling masses”, why do you go to the convention center? There are so many great shows going on around town with people who love art and have passion for it, who are not here to make a quick buck or show how cool they are by being seen in the scene, that you could go the entire week without running into a single pretentious wannabe. I’m really happy that the organizers of Art Basel decided to bring their fair to our city because it gives us the chance to enjoy all the excitement for the week at the outlying events and exhibitions.

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The Sunday Video: Art Basel Miami Beach 2009