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Jet Set Saturdays: Toys for Tots X-Mas Party at Spinello Gallery


Installation view through the Min Treats cookie machine.

A week after Art Basel Miami Beach and not quite ready to immerse ourselves in New York we visited Spinello Gallery for the Toys for Tots X-Mas Party, a toy drive to benefit needy children in Miami this Christmas.

In contrast to the placement of works (mainly leftovers from the Littlest Sister exhibition) that were scattered about the space, the gallery’s central feature, a giant Christmas tree ($200), was ceremoniously lit at 8pm sharp. Under it, amidst piles of shredded newspaper, the unwrapped, donated toys steadily grew in number.


Spinello discussing mystery car with youngster over White Russian cocktail.

Refreshingly hap hazard, but not without the effortless elegance we have come to expect from Spinello, the event, which all in attendance look forward to next year, was (and is for a few more hours still) a festive success. In addition to the donated toys, many people associated with the gallery also brought something to sell, the proceeds of which, apart from art works, will go directly to charity.

White Russians and Grolsch were on tap to wash down the copious cup cakes, Tater Tats, and mini Min Treats cookies, and to lubricate the various constitutions of costumed revelers, most of which after a few drinks took the plunge and did their time on Santa’s lap.


Our founder, Thomas Hollingworth getting a little more than he was hoping for.

After an hour or so decorum was naturally forgotten and dignities, like shreds of paper, began to fly with wanton abandon.


Degenerative states: Visitors begin attacking each other with pompoms of shredded newspaper as gallery artist Christina Pettersson ungraciously straddles her dealer.

Photographs from the event will soon be up on the galleries photo bucket page (check back with us in a day or so for the link), but for now, with a warm, fuzzy, and somehow wholesomely sullied feeling in our bellies (no doubt Spinello’s creeping spirit of Christmas!) we give thanks to a gallery that provided us with an opportunity to feel good about ourselves for doing something, which although just a token gesture, in troubled times encapsulated the humble essence of peace and goodwill among men. Thanks Spinello Santa, you’re ace!


Anthony Spinello. Sorry kids, he’s real!

This post was contributed by Thomas Hollingworth.

UPDATE: Photo’s from this event here.

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  • Christina

    geez, a girl can’t even straddle a gay santa anymore without seeing it on the internet the next day. I was wearing stockings!

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Jet Set Saturdays: Toys for Tots X-Mas Party at Spinello Gallery