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Hump Day Cool Finger: Miami Artist Stocking Stuffer


Sam Borkson of FWY’s best gift of 2009.

For this week’s Hump Day Cool Finger we sent out an email blast to a bunch of Miami based artists to get a sense of what they were giving and receiving this year. Hoping (obviously) for some SEO lovelies we were of course disappointed by the lack of corporate name dropping (and in ourselves for inciting it), but joyfully bowled over by the profundity of the responses, which generally centered around non-commerical good times with only the occasional overtly secularist jab at the dwindling number of folks who strive to perpetuate Christmas’ presumed historic significance. Below are three of the best.


Sam Borkson (of FriendsWithYou):

“Given to me by my girlfriend Caro, this miniature Brussels Griffon (pictured above) is an art piece that is only a few inches big or small should I say. It is hand woven from fibers and took months to create. It is the most sweet and cute present in the world and I love it!!!”


.aramisAramis Gutierrez:

“I got a Bose Stereo for the studio from my wife. ┬áThis is awesome because now I can drown out the singing and praying coming from the
Haitian Church down stairs with my devil music.”


.tashaNatasha Lopez de Victoria (of the TM Sisters):

“Best present for Christmas this year? Time in NY with my family eating Puerto Rican food. Why? Almost all of us got sick and we ended up sticking together Indoors which oddly got us closer because of it.”

2009-12-30 10.34.05

Photo courtesy Tasha Lopez de Victoria.

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Hump Day Cool Finger: Miami Artist Stocking Stuffer