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Friday’s Hairy Eyeball: 2010 Public Works announced for New York, Art Forum and New York Times boycott ABMB, Ryan McGinley and others photographed for Swiss Institute Calender


Ryan McGinley on his bike for the Swiss Institute Calender, 2010. Image credit.

Friday’s Hairy Eyeball; getting rolling again like Sisyphus’ boulder.

The Swiss Institute has photographed artists such as Rita Ackermann, David Byrne, Ryan McGinley, Aurel Schmidt, Terry Richardson and Cindy Sherman on their bikes in New York for their annual, limited-edition calender. “All the artists are photographed on their bikes, although clearly some of the artsy pedal-pushers are more gangster than others—Ryan McGinley (October), for example, has no trouble dodging rogue cabbages in Chinatown, even with midnight black Ray-Bans on, while Terry Richardson (August) looks like he’s never quite made it out the door of his SoHo loft with his shiny collection of fixed gears.” [via The Fader]

A preview of Anthony Gormley’s Event Horizon, 31 nude sculptures cast from his own body planned for permanent installation in and around Madison Square Park in March 2010. [via ArtInfo and NY Times]

More New York springime unveiling: beginning May 2010 the former International Business Machines Corp. building, now known as 590 Madison Avenue, will host a hanging sculpture by Conrad Shawcross who exhibited at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin last year and whose debut show in 2003 was bought, almost entirely, by Charles Saatchi. [via Bloomberg]

Super Mario Clouds by Cory Arcangel via YouTube

New York based computer artist, Cory Arcangel will curate an exhibition at London’s Lisson Gallery. In this interview with The Guardian, Arcangel speaks with gaming experts about his career and the lure of games as an artistic medium. [via The Guardian]

During Art Basel Miami Beach, The New York Times took an opportunity to review some of Manhattan’s ‘best’ galleries in their Special Gallery Issue. [via NYTimes]

More ABMB boycotting was done by Art Forum this year as while the rest of the art world headed to Miami, the magazine’s Caroline Busta went to Tbilisi, Georgia (the country) for the sixth annual Tbilisi exhibition – ‘TBILISI 6: Never on Sunday.” [via ArtForum]

Locally focused now, Something Big Something Small, a series of short videos created during Art Basel Miami Beach by the New York Times features artist Agathe Snow, a downtown artist and contemporary of Ryan McGinley and Dash Snow, who in addition to exhibiting at the convention center with James Fuentes Gallery built a skate ramp at O.H.W.O.W. [via NYTimes]

Curators Francesco Bonami and Gary Carrion-Murayari announce the artist list for the Whitney Biennial. Video credit.

While ArtObserved reports via NY Magazine that 52% of the artists selected to participate in the 2010 Whitney Biennial are women – the highest ever – and via The New York Times that the show will be smaller than it has been in recent years – just 55 artists, down from 81 in 2008 and 100 in 2006 – we are mainly struck by how old everyone is.

275,000 visited the Anish Kapoor exhibit at the Royal Academy of Art, making it the most successful exhibition of a living artist in London. [via The Guardian]

BBC’s art reality TV show, School of Saatchi has a winner in the form of Eugenie Scrase who bested the other four finalists with an art work featuring a large tree trunk impaled on a fence. The 20-year-old wins an appearance in Saatchi’s current show at The Hermitage in St. Petersburg and studio space for three years. [via BBC News]

James Franco interviews performance artist Marina Abramovic. Video credit.

James Franco meets with artist Marina Abramovic – whom he hails as “the grandmother of performance art” – to discuss her work after his musings in The Wall Street Journal about the history of performance art and his 20-episode stunt in the soap opera “General Hospital” as an art piece. [via ArtObserved]

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Friday’s Hairy Eyeball: 2010 Public Works announced for New York, Art Forum and New York Times boycott ABMB, Ryan McGinley and others photographed for Swiss Institute Calender