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Annie Wharton’s “Magellan Hollywood”


Annie Wharton, Video Still from “Magellan Hollywood,” 2009. RT: 3:02 minutes.

Artlurker’s own West Coast editor, Annie Wharton’s new video “Magellan Hollywood” is included in the GEO-graphic show currently on view at Diana Lowenstein Fine Art. In addition, at the gallery’s booth at Pulse Miami, Wharton is showing paintings.

Gallery says: “Magellan Hollywood is the new video by Los Angeles painter/video artist Annie Wharton. A lone female figure (Wharton) dressed in skintight pants and a silver sweater, traverses an urban setting, sees a globe that would normally be found in an elementary school classroom, and destroys it. A tongue-in-cheek commentary on our planet’s collective foibles and weaknesses, and ranging in reference from 3rd Wave feminist moving image works to the humorous early corporal videos of William Wegman or Bruce Nauman. With a pair of sparkly gold Valentino boots, Wharton uses her body to literally obliterate the signifier of the world.  Her experience as an abstract painter is evident, as the camera angled into the sun creates refractory imagery and random abstract depictions find arbitrary presence. A rolling globe morphs into a series of unsettling abstractions, lighting changes from white to gold, and temporal rhythms are jerkily interrupted.”


Annie Wharton, Video Still from “Magellan Hollywood,” 2009. RT: 3:02 minutes.

Shot in Hollywood, California with a handheld camera the film utilizes only existing sounds (e.g., a Salt ‘n Pepa song that happened to be on the radio while recording the video, ambulance sirens, footsteps, and screeching brakes) and available lighting. On the occasion of the GEO-Graphic exhibition at Diana Lowenstein,Wharton premieres Magellan Hollywood with Magellan’s Folly, the sole performative relic from video – a sculpture created from the wreckage of what was once a globe.


Annie Wharton, Video Still from “Magellan Hollywood,” 2009. RT: 3:02 minutes.

Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts is located at 2043 North Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33127.

Pulse Miami is located at the Ice Palace at 1400 North Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33136

For more information please call 305-576-1804 or visit

This post was contributed by Thomas Hollingworth.

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Annie Wharton’s “Magellan Hollywood”