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The Sunday Video: Literal Video Version Homage

With this week’s Sunday Video we pay homage to the genre of Literal Video Version. Having liberated countless classic music videos/tracks, from Meatloaf’s ‘Anything For Love‘ to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ (Bollywood version), ocular and auditory detail oriented individuals with a niggling desire to “make a funny” from the best yet questionable efforts of popular culture’s musical icons have been peppering YouTube since its inception with an ever growing number of subtitled jollies. Ranging from hilarious to pointless WTFs this glut of alternative, amateur interpretation that is widely disseminated by social networking sites inadvertently evidences a severe surplus of personal time, but once in a while touches on something that on rare occasion could be said to be genius. Sometimes a vague slant on indecipherable lyrics, but mainly crass observational humor, the Literal Video Version, with a seemingly limitless pool of resources, stands in good stead to become to be a seminal facet of twenty first century culture. Below is the best we could find, Bonnie Taylor’s Total Eclipse of The Heart. Enjoy.

Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version.

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The Sunday Video: Literal Video Version Homage