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Jet Set Saturdays: Hassan Nassim at Head Gallery


In New York until December 29th, Hassan Nassim’s ART MARKET is OK is apparently on view at Head Gallery, aparently located at 165 East Broadway. A refreshing break from clarity, ART MARKET is OK seems to follow in the footsteps of previous exhibitions at Head Gallery that largely defy understanding. With dedicated pages on their website peppered with a bewildering cacophony of images and animated Gifs all set to various looping audio tracks – in the case of ART MARKET is OK that of a porn movie – Head’s exhibitions, in their absence as voluminous information dumping grounds, exist today perhaps as potently as they ever did.

Gallery says: “… commissioned to coincide with the opening of the Art Fair … in transforming the infamous beating of Rodney King by the LAPD into a porn movie Tundi  McKenzie’s antagonistic mash-up performance jolts the viewer out of  their comfortable and passive spectatorship forcing them to think  through the complexities of capitalism … A flock of seagulls  materializes in the colorful haze above…


Naturally these raucously iconoclastic shenanigans prompted rapacious investigation on our part, however, upon calling the gallery we found naught but a prerecorded voice mail of Reena Spaulings Fine Art that apart from making us feel like a bunch of square minded dullards for trying to unlock what seems to be an intellectual Halliburton said: “Hello this is Reena Spaulings Fine Art now through October 11th is K8 Hardy and.. come and see the show. Thank you, good bye.

For those who don’t already know, Reena Spaulings was conceived as a fictional artist, performer and art dealer who made her Chelsea debut, kind of, with a solo show at Haswellediger & Co. Gallery in 2005 (see this article from Holland Cotter). The name Reena Spaulings is in fact a kind of title for an art collective who, according to their official website, represent or at least are affiliated with K8 Hardy. If you’re moved to investigate this quandary then have fun digging. Maybe, if you’re ruthless, you might even work out what ART MARKET is OK is all about, but don’t hold your breath.


Of course it came as no surprise that the address for Head Gallery and Reena Spaulings Fine Art are the same. Without visiting in person there is no real way of telling exactly what, if anything, is there, but what we can be sure of is that Head Gallery, or the idea of it, and Reena Spaulings Fine Art, as a collective, are more invested in raw splurging creativity than polished cohesive work. After all, whats more interesting anyway?

So as you ponder the the function of contemporary art and why it often strives to confuse we leave you with this final quote from Head Gallery’s web site which we can pretty much guarantee has nothing to do with anything other than itself: “60-90 minutes: The men start fucking the neck holes of the decapitated goats. And also through the neck hole, just below the sharp edge of the peeking spine bones. They pump mercilessly into their swelling bodies, until the animal’s viscera start slithering out of their asses onto the ground. The wailing won’t subside; the forced group fellatio and dead animal fucking has. People start scraping their faces down the walls. Scraping off skin. People fit to smash their foreheads. Blood splatters. Deserved self-punishment.”


Reena Spaulings Fine Art:

This post was contributed by Thomas Hollingworth.

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Jet Set Saturdays: Hassan Nassim at Head Gallery