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Hump Day Cool Finger: Terence Koh Chuck Taylor Converse All Stars

Chuck Taylor All Star Converse shoe designed by Terence Koh.

On Monday a smoothed-out, white-on-white-on-white version of Converse’s signature Chuck Taylor All Star shoe designed by Beijing born, Canadian raised, New York based artist/designer Terence Koh was launched as part of Converse’s 1HUND(RED) project – a year-long initiative to celebrate the their 100th anniversary, artistic spirit and help eliminate AIDS in Africa (a percentage of the shoes sales will go towards fighting AIDS in Africa).

Enlisted as a contributor by Converse, Koh who is famous for his diverse production of handmade books and zines, prints, photographs, sculptures, performances, and installations involving queer, punk, and pornographic sensibilities focused his design on subtraction. “I wanted to keep the DNA of the Chuck Taylor intact, while reducing the seams, and smoothing out the shoe’s surface as much as possible” he said.

Unless you live in an hermetically sealed environment we imagine that these pristine dumplings won’t look so nice for so long, but considering that Koh’s previous endeavors have included gold-plating and selling his own feces for $500,000 this project for Converse at least seems like a step in a more palatable, albeit equally spongy and impermanent direction. What else is there to say really? Lets be honest, this is just another boring shoe. Here’s a nice pic of Koh yanking his invisible plonker. Good bye.

Terence Koh

For more pics of the shoes, please visit The Malcom.

This post was contributed by Thomas Hollingworth.


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Hump Day Cool Finger: Terence Koh Chuck Taylor Converse All Stars