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Hump Day Cool Finger: Graffiti Porcelain by Cabracega and Longrove and Repucci


All City porcelain by Cabracega.

Until now, the words “porcelain” and “china” have unerringly conjured up images of ‘gray lovelies’ congregating in English tea rooms mid afternoon to wash down almond sponge cake with Twinnings in daintily handled Wedgewood cups and discuss crochet bonnets, certainly not graffiti. However, a convention smashing Portuguese design studio called Cabracega, seem to be trying to put an end to all that. Their recent venture, the All City project, that was presented recently in an exhibition that closed on October 9th, was positioned to reinterpret classic Portuguese porcelain sets in a modern context by collaborating with graffiti artists Hium, MAR, Mr. Dheo, Quillograma and TOSCO.

Within the graffiti context, All City intends to re-interpret some of the most classical Portuguese porcelain sets: the nobility of classical shapes were re-invented with improbable graffiti motifs, based on a contemporary urban language. It’s intended to confront two different places and times. On one hand, we have the elegant quality of porcelain – represented by the table sets and decorative objects, taking us back to a different timeframe. On the other hand, there is graffiti as an art form and a way for contemporary urban intervention, which aims to promote new perspectives over cityscapes” say Cabracega.


Longrove and Repucci.

Not alone in their questionable efforts, Lovegrove and Repucci too have come up with their own twist on traditional dinnerware (above). In classic blue and white, ‘gritty’ New York imagery is represented in a modern rendition of classic Delft porcelain.

So, if your a writer and the ticket fines and jail time are wearing you down and bashing out trite tagged canvases isn’t your cup of tea (har har) it seems a new, apparently expanding market has just opened up.

Express yourself… on plates!


This post was contributed by Thomas Hollingworth.

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  • Richard Haden

    Recycling is PC.

    I know someone whose mother gave her 7 or 8 boxes of but ugly china…Seems passing down place settings is one way to make space. Now…I wonder…does any one want to tag this collection of exiled porcelain before the fad wears off.

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Hump Day Cool Finger: Graffiti Porcelain by Cabracega and Longrove and Repucci