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Friday’s Hairy Eyeball: Christo’s wife Jeanne-Claude dies, Lower East Side art scene grows, New York Gallery Week set for May 2010


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Friday’s Hairy Eyeball; capping off a week’s worth of sour milk from culture’s black sheep cousin.

Jeanne-Claude, who collaborated with her husband, Christo, on dozens of environmental arts projects, notably the wrapping of the Pont Neuf in Paris and the Reichstag in Berlin, and of course the pairs “Surrounded Islands” project in Biscayne Bay which arguably put Miami on the art world map, died on Wednesday in Manhattan, where she lived. She was 74. [via The New York Times]

The Lower East Side gallery scene, whose galleries undercuts those of Chelsea is growing in a destabilized art world. [via Bloomberg]

The Whitney Museum’s website, has come under fire since its redesign as being little more than plain awful due to a black back ground and a strange typeface hierarchy. [via ArtFagCity]

A group of around 50 galleries is joining forces to create a new event called New York Gallery Week. The inaugural affair will take place over the weekend of May 7, timed to coincide with the beginning of the spring auction season. [via Crain's NY]

Just like their English aristocratic forebears members of Congress, federal employees, and visiting dignitaries in Washington, D.C. are making daily use of art and antiques necessitating constant restoration. [via Wall Street Journal]

Visionaire, a multi format album of fashion that has been published three times a year since 1991 has released their 57th issue, the “2010″. Totalling 365 works by artists chosen by 52 artists, curators and art collectors around the world the images are presented as a daily calendar for 2010. [via Slamxhype]

An interesting and somewhat overdue expose of Poland’s contemporary art scene and international Polish artists. [via Wall Street Journal]

And finally the lame ‘so and so did such and such’ cat fight between art blogging pariah Tyler Green and critic Jerry Saltz continues over The New Museum’s intent to show one of its trustees, billionaire mega-collector Dakis Joannou’s collection over three floors. The proposed exhibition, set to be curated by Jeff Koons whose work is featured no less than 40 times in Joannou’s collection has caused wave after wave of incest driven sickness in the art world and now many are urging Joannou to open his own museum. This story has most recently centered on Jerry Saltz’s erasing of Tyler Green’s comments from his Facebook page. To us the whole ‘scandal’ seems like a moot point as surely by now we are used to how the art world works. However, perhaps Joannou should concede to his pressing failure to sway The New Museum and open a private housing as a monument to his disappointment that money could not buy everything, if only to allow us all to focus on something uplifting. [via just about every hip art blog in the world]


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Friday’s Hairy Eyeball: Christo’s wife Jeanne-Claude dies, Lower East Side art scene grows, New York Gallery Week set for May 2010