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The Sunday Video: Paul McCarthy – Painter (1995)

This week’s Sunday Video is a performance piece by Paul McCarthy. Did anyone else get lumbered with one of those chocolate Santa butt-plugs? Ours has been back and forth between the fridge and the freezer so many times in the last two years it probably looks as though it was left in a dumpster after being put to its intended use. I guess one day we’ll be forced to eat the fucking thing, right before we vomit all over ourselves and violate the sovereignty of each others’ nether regions with Barbie dolls.

Paul McCarthy – Painter (1995) .

For the entire video please go here. .

This post was contributed by Thomas Hollingworth.

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  • swampthing

    revenge of the repulsive… no doubt there are several collector asholes and delusional museums that have paid big buck for that piece of craft vid. two swollen thumbs down.

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The Sunday Video: Paul McCarthy – Painter (1995)