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The Sunday Video: Kittiwat Unarrom Body Bakery

With Halloween just around the corner this weeks Sunday Video is appropriately festive. Meet the work of Kittiwat Unarrom, a Thai art student and son of a baker who since 2006, in a stroke of genius worthy of a tourism major has exponentially ballooned the popularity his family’s business in Ratchaburi, Thailand, by luring scores of visitors a day with his tacitly dubbed “Body Bakery”. Having sculpted unnervingly realistic and gruesome renditions of dismembered body parts from dough, with eyes, lips and other details constructed using cashews, raisins and the like, Unarrom bakes then exhibits his corporeal creations – wrapped like food in plastic or impaled on meat hooks – inside glass cabinets. Despite blood-like glazes which make the work all the more tactile it, according to its creepy creator and his cannibalistic connoisseurs, tastes just like regular bread.

Body Parts Made of Bread via YouTube and

We’re vacillating between being incredibly impressed at his deftness with an otherwise unyielding medium and wanting to vomit. Unarrom himself is charmingly candid about his art:

“Of course, people were shocked and thought that I was mad when they saw the works. But once they knew the idea behind it, they understood and became interested in the work itself, instead of thinking that I am crazy.”

A true gentleman’s gentleman, Unarrom makes sure that none of his clients desires go unfulfilled, creating everything from heads, hands, feet, torsos and various miscellaneous internal organs – all inspired and informed by anatomy books and visits to forensic museums.

“When people see the bread, they don’t want to eat it. But when they taste it, it’s just normal bread. The lesson is “don’t judge just by outer appearances.”

WTF? Get back to school!

To see it with your own eyes, enlist Bangkok Day Tours to take you on one of their day trips to the bakery.

And for those who aren’t traveling this Halloween here are some pumpkin carvings to inspire your own creations.

This post was contributed by Thomas Hollingworth.

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The Sunday Video: Kittiwat Unarrom Body Bakery