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Jet Set Saturday’s: Dave Mckenzie at Susanne Vielmetter


Dave Mckenzie “”On Premises” installation view.

After last night’s reception at Dimensions Variable for the closing of their inaugural exhibition “Build Up” we found ourselves in the mood to savor more dying light. Tossing our options, as is our want, we chose to pass up the last day of Adam Ross’s show of abstract painting at Angles in favor of the last day of Dave Mckenzie’s exhibition “On Premises” at Susanne Vielmetter.

Miami residents will remember Mckenzie for his participatory work “Its A Date” from the recent exhibition “Convention” at MOCA North Miami, for which he randomly picked the museum’s Registrar, Kevin Arrow from a public submissions box and took him on a date. For his second solo show at Susanne Vielmetter the artist makes use of the entire gallery and continues to explore with videos, sculptures, performances, and installations how public space and one’s private self are connected and simultaneously restricted.

Gallery says: “At the heart of McKenzie’s diverse practice lies a quiet search for engagement, a poetic quest for interaction that lays bare the complications of social rules and obligations with which we navigate personal relationships. In this new body of work McKenzie shifts from examining the specific relationship of the artist with his audience to a more fundamental investigation of the closest human relationships.

A central work in the exhibition is “Attunement”, a video that plays out an alternate version of The Cosby Show’s pilot episode in which Bill Cosby uttered the infamous ‘Dadism’ “I brought you into this world, and I’ll take you out!” While this quote can seem lighthearted, McKenzie looks at what is said in a larger cultural context, exploring the balance of love and fear that often lie at the heart of human relationships.

Like much of Mckenzie’s oeuvre the work in this exhibition questions our ability to relate to those around us by revealing connected issues of faith and obedience, power and subjugation.

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This post was contributed by Thomas Hollingworth.

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Jet Set Saturday’s: Dave Mckenzie at Susanne Vielmetter