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Hump Day Cool Finger: The Luxury Gym and Mark Harigian


Harigian designed gym in Bel Air, Claifornia. Image courtesy of Harigian Fitness.

An a further deviation from our midweek theme we decided today to ponder the phenomenon of the luxury gym, taking as our source of inspiration the work of artist/designer Mark Harigian. Harigian, the self proclaimed “architect of anatomy” has custom designed gyms for Bill Gates, Madonna, Tom Hanks, and Shaquille O’ Neal to name a few, his creations are the latest must-have in home fitness for anyone with money (and calories) to burn.

Beginning his career as a fitness trainer to the starts, Harigian noted that while the rich and famous spent countless fortunes sprucing up their living quarters, their gyms remained comparatively sparse. Clearly this was not by design, but rather that there was a significant gap in the market.

Ten years ago, home gyms didn’t really exist. If anything, people turned a spare bedroom or part of the garage into a makeshift gym, but people weren’t building dedicated spaces.” said Harigian in interview for The Robb Report.

Harigian is now the go-to guy for high-style and high-function home fitness. His custom home gyms start from about $100,000. Beyond the aesthetic conception and hand-crafted everythingness of his gyms, Harigian takes a further step toward deserving the title of artist by presenting his clients with the original blueprints of their new gym, autographed for authenticity upon completion.

So, if you’ve had to wipe off someone’s pungent vitae from your bench one too many times, have an eye for quality and fancy joining the ranks of high rollers like the Sultan of Brunei, Tom Selleck and Donald Trump then give ol’ Marky a call. He’ll have his tight ass round your place in a roid-free jiffy with a portfolio of body building gimmickry from walnut flooring to monogrammed dumbbells that will be sure to get your BPM up even before he’s verified your credit card.

To get your own pungent vitae flowing please visit:

This post was contributed by Thomas Hollingworth.


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Hump Day Cool Finger: The Luxury Gym and Mark Harigian